Why do this?


Well, I hope you’ve read the little blurb of “About Me”.  Originally that was the first post, but then I discovered there was an “About” tab on this blog.  Awesome.

So, instead I’ll quickly write up a first blog of why I’m doing this.

We’ve all heard the stats – after forty, men become more attractive and desirable in the dating game, while we women become completely invisible.  For the available men, the dating pool has widened; it is not uncommon to see men in their forties or fifties with thirty- or even twenty-something women.  Women who are past breeding age and have all their bits beginning to sag?  Not so many options.

What chance is there, then, for a plain, plump, middle-aged woman in the online dating world?  I’ve decided I’m going to find out.

Tomorrow is make-a-profile day.  I’ll fill in and upload a profile to one of the largest dating sites on the web.  My plan is to date absolutely everyone who contacts me, no matter how unsuitable.  And blog about them all.  I’ll anonymise any of my dates of course.

What’s in store for me?  Will my pool be comprised of age pensioners, repulsive trolls and society’s rejects?  Will there be any youngsters looking to test the cougar myth?  Will I be targeted by handsome shysters who’ll ask for a hundred grand loan after we’ve been dating for a month?

Will I even have a pool?  The only thing outstanding about me is my utter averageness.  Somehow I doubt I’ll fit too many ‘Perfect Partner’ profiles.  Am I just setting myself up for humiliation and rejection?

I guess we’ll see.  I do hope I get targeted by a handsome shyster.  That ought to make for a good story at least.


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  1. Hi Patty,

    Your style of writing tells me that you are not a “Plain Plump Spinster”, but a 30+ year old man. Are you a journalist or a writer? It was a good idea of yours to introduce Patty to the world. Your book about her experiences in the dating scene could be quite successful. Good luck with your writing career.

  2. Hello! I am a young woman (dare I call myself woman at 19?) who was immediately put off by your title, in my head it was straight out “poor patty, I cant read this… too depressing… ‘Notes on a Scandal’ was enough for me”. But something intrigued me and I read on, and luckily I did! You seem like such a fantastic, open, daring human-being! I apologize for my initial judgement. I have already favourited this blog and will avidly follow your story. Good Luck and good job, and once again sorry for my pathetic judgement, already you’re proving yourself braver and a better writer (in my opinion) than that Sam.
    Thanks for the wake-up call!
    Helen:) (Give Irony a pat for me)

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