Kisses! I got kisses!


Thank you so much to those who’ve commented – it means a lot to me J

I didn’t want to be caught checking Big Dating Site at work, and I went out to dinner later, so it was with some trepidation I logged on when I got home.  I wondered if anyone had contacted me or if I would need to be proactive and hunt down the men I fancied.  Kate would be horrified at the idea of me doing the initial contact, but hey, I’m in no position to sit back and be a princess.

There were fifteen messages in my inbox.  Fifteen!  Fifteen different men wanted to meet me!

I totally strutted as I went to the kitchen to pour myself a wine and may or may not have done a little boogie move on my way back.

Started to go through them and hmmmm…. It soon became clear I have to renegue on my promise to date every man who contacts me.  Some of the profiles are heartbreakingly sad and lonely and I just don’t have it in me to pretend to be interested just for blog fodder.

I am tempted to respond to the guy whose profile says most of the women on here are fakes and just want your money and the others are stuck up bitches so if you think your [sic] too good for me don’t bother to contact me.  Wouldn’t a conversation with someone who deploys such circular logic be fascinating?

Anyway, I settled on one really nice-sounding guy.  He’s 43 and bald as a baby’s bum and lists his height at 5’6” so if Kate’s theory is correct, he’ll be a couple of inches shorter than that.  I can deal with that because he has an awesome smile in his profile pic.  He also has an engaging, witty, properly spelt and punctuated profile.

I replied that I’m interested (no doubt Kate would have something to say about replying at 11:30pm on a Friday night).  Fingers crossed!


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  1. Hi Patty,
    I followed you to this blog after you posted on Sam’s SMH blog. I await your dating site adventures with bated breath. I’m in my 40’s and I’ve been on 4 times, for 4 days each time, then I panic and take myself off. In five years I’ve had two dates from dating sites. OMG, one was 43 and still living with his mother, and the other had a ponytail down to his thighs (that wasn’t evident in the photo) and was one month out of a 20 year relationship.
    In my criteria I put age 38-50, over 5’9″, professional, left leaning, Sydney. I got emails from men aged between 25 and 70, and many with bitterness written all over them, and some of them married.
    But! I have a friend who is having a great time on the dating site. She’s had loads of dates, and seen some of them more than once. She’s loving it, and not expecting to meet Mr Right.
    I think its about expectation, and I think its a numbers game.
    Good luck. You sound like a great girl, I’m sure there’s someone out there for you, and I hope he’s on the dating site.
    Have you tried speed dating? It’s a laugh.

  2. You gave away your game already woman. Smackdown on the anonymity…So we’ve established said site is RSVP, from the kisses. 😉

    You have to be careful with some of those bitter ones. I had one that spent the whole date bitter about women and how they only go for bad boys and not him cause he’s so nice. I tried to cut him loose but he wanted to be friends (It was early days so I was still a bit dumb there), and we had some common interests and business commonalities, so we chatted and hung out a few times.

    One morning at 3am I get a text message (I leave my phone on at night when the kids are at their dads incase of emergencies), so I roll over all bleary eyed and after 8 months of making it abundantly clear that I’m not interested in dating him, I get a 3am nude picture message saying “You sure you don’t want a piece of this”.

    Bah…um…no…Yeah, I’m good thanks!

    I love that you’re a spelling snob too. I had a friend tell me I need to stop culling the ones who use the word ‘da’, so I did once, and had some fabulous outdoor sex with a hot dumb surfer and I have now thus mellowed on the spelling. It was the first and only time I’ve done something like that, but it was a lot of fun, so keep the options open!

    • Ah, but maybe I’m one step ahead of you Giantess and sneakily did that just so you would *think* it was RSVP 😉

      Awesome story, thank you! Though I’m not sure if you haven’t just made me even more nervous about all this than I already am.

      I really am turned off badly by profiles that include a lot of text speak, but maybe I should broaden my horizons. A hot, dumb surfer, hey…?

      Anyway, I have a date this afternoon. My hands are clammy as I type!

  3. Oooh, a date this afternoon! I’m excited for you!

    I’m sure you’ll come across some creeps on the dating website but there are also many, many lovely people on those online sites – my best mate was on RSVP for a few months (and she is lovely, of course!) and met some nice guys. Another friend is engaged to a guy she met online. I think like life it’s just a matter of sifting through until you find someone who’s your kind of person.

    Love that you are open to new things and new people and that you’re not ruling people out based on arbitrary criteria like height, income and hair! As a giantess myself, I have somehow fallen in love with a very short man and have never been happier … so I can recommend throwing caution and your assumptions to the wind and just diving on in!

    Have fun – looking forward to the next instalment.

  4. Hi Patty, I have followed many of your comments on The Age and I often find myself laughing and agreeing. Thrilled that you are a spelling snob like me! Can’t wait to read your future posts there and on this blog. Good luck finding a man who’s good enough for you! Don’t settle for second best!

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