Bad Date No.2 gets better


Okay,  I am writing up the other dates I’ve been on in the past week or so, but I had to write this interim post describing what happened today.

I left this morning for the marvelous BrisVegas for a couple of days and who should i bump into at the airport but Mr Bad Date No.2, Frequent Flyer Man.  He was quite hard to miss, really, being the size he is and waving like one of those big inflatable advertising figures whilst yelling “Hey Patty!”

Any attempts to ignore him were thwarted by the helpful soul next to me who went from nudge to downright shove as she informed me that the mammoth man was trying to get my attention. I thanked her sweetly and waved at Mr Miles.

We went through all the “fancy seeing you here”s and then he asked how long I had to wait for my flight. As it happens, I get super duper excited when I fly anywhere for pleasure and tend to get to the airport early to do a bit of plane spotting. Add to this flight delays on Qantas today and I had over a 3 hour wait to look forward to.

“Have I got a treat for you” he said. Hoping that the treat wasn’t something like the chance to do the wild thing with him, I bravely followed him.

Well, he whisked me into the Qantas Club which would have been cool enough, but then we kept going through the Qantas Club through a magical discreet door, where he flashed his Platinum card and suddenly I was in Business Lounge World. It’s nice in here – lots of free wine – and not cruddy crap wine either – and little pastries and really REALLY yummy party pies, as well as super comfy seats at the great big window where I can watch all the planes.

And I really have to be nicer about Mr Miles, because he had a plane to catch right away, so he just said “Enjoy” and left me here.

So here I am, swanning it up in the Qantas Business Lounge, on to about my fifth glass of red and about to head off on a holiday. Life could suck a whole lot more right now.


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  1. Cool, that’s what I’d call a win! I was fully expecting this story to go something along the lines of you getting stuck with him for a few hours in the lounge and then being wedged next to him on the flight.

  2. Sorry I didn’t give you a funny horror story Nerdy Guy!

    Actually that’s total bull. I’m glad this wasn’t one of those stories because this is awesome. Except for updating the blog on iPhone – that’s hard. Should have used one of the lovely big Macs they have lined up all ready for us elite persons to use 🙂

  3. That’s freakin’ awesome. Inspired by your efforts, and one of the girls at work, I got the Oasis app. on my iphone. I love my iphone. If you could find a man and just add really cool apps to him to make him do the shit an iphone does, I’d be in heaven…but that’s another story.

    Anyhoo, Its been on fire since I put it on there yesterday, and had my first date from it today. The poor chap looked incredibly uncomfortable and was a little lacking in the personality department, so I cut him loose after 10 minutes of trying to extract a conversation out of him. Us giants are more intimidating that I thought. This poor guy was breakin’ a sweat, The start to my dating fiesta was a bit of an antilimax, but we’ve got a few potentials waiting in the wings. Keep ’em coming Patty.

  4. I found my way here from De Brito’s SMH blog.
    Nice writing, I’m glad you’ve had a positive story to tell.
    Here’s hoping for some more.

  5. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures Giantess! Maybe we can double date some time ;). I just put the Blendr app on my iPhone and it’s been going nuts with messages, but I don’t really think many of those guys are looking for a serious relationship.

    Thanks for your kind words Days 🙂

    • I’d so be into the double date. We could cut ’em down together. Bwahahahahar…then share a maniacal laugh as we ponder our social ineptitude.

  6. Patty, I adore you! Let’s be friends! For starters, you’d feel great around me, being less plump (pretty sure my BMI is 30, trying to lower it but every time I want to swear in front of my children I just stick my head in a cupboard and cram biscuits in my mouth), and… well, I’m not sure I’m plain, but I’ve got a “sour-as-hell” look on my face most of the time. I’m married, but I’d make a great wing-woman. Please consider.

  7. What a coincidence eh? Just shows never pays to be too overtly mean to people (the interwebs r different). What next? The short bald guy who spoke back-to-front could turn out to be your bank manager willing to waive the usurous interest rates on your next ‘single-but-gonna-treat-myself-to-an-age-inappropriate-hot-car’ loan. Or the nerdy guy could come and fix your computer for free, and discover a virus that was about to siphon out all your life-savings. The possibilities are endless: I still smell a book coming. Think about it. Anyway, bring on the next date I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment.

    ps. Beware of people who want to take an online relationship into the real world eg. yella. It’s all a bit The Matrix and we all know how that ended up. I’m your unpaid cynic on this site, looking out for you, but having absolutely no intention of meeting in the real world so you can trust me (he he).

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