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Date 6 – Invisible Man


Anyway, the next date was a lunchtime coffee date.  I actually had pretty high hopes for this date – the guy was new to the site, looked very presentable and seemed to have read my profile quite thoroughly, judging by the witty bantery emails we exchanged.

I arrived right on time and sat down. Told the waiter I was waiting for a friend, so wouldn’t be ordering just yet. Told him the same thing five minutes later. And five minutes again after that. The next time he was starting to look at me with a depressing amount of pity in his eyes.

I waited a full 25 minutes before I got up and scurried out, ducking my head as I passed the waiter, who by this time had “poor plain plump stood-up loser” written all over his face.
Of course i tortured myself wondering whether he had come in to the cafe, taken one look at me and run and secretly hoped he’d really been hit by a runaway steamroller or something rather than just rejected me outright.

I sent him an email when I got home asking what happened, but have heard nothing back.
On another note, I downloaded the Blendr app and have had lots of fun with the messages on that. There’s no doubt that the vast majority of guys are looking for a bit of rumpy pumpy, but I’m hoping I might score a date or two out of it. I might also have a look at the Oasis app, inspired by the comment of Giantess.
I picked up a voucher for speed dating with Fast Impressions and was totally looking forward to doing that until I read Sam de Brito’s column about it today. Anyone had any experience with Fast Impressions?  At least it only cost me $29. I think they’re still available on the LivingSocial coupon site if anyone’s interested.

Sorry for the crap post. I’m on holiday and doing it on my iPhone, which is bloody hard work.