Samantha Brick, I’m not jealous. Honest


A little break from my dating adventures, I want to talk about Samantha Brick.

Samantha Brick is the woman who complained women hate her only because she’s beautiful in an online column.

Much as I’d love to ridicule the article and Samantha herself, it seems the rest of the interweb has beaten me to it, so I won’t.

What I want to say is I hate it when  I don’t feel particularly enamoured of someone for perfectly legitimate reasons – and I imagine, judging from her post there are plenty of said legitimate reasons I would not particularly want to hang around Samantha – and that person, or even other people, tell me I’m just jealous because she’s prettier than me.

Aaargh!  Nearly everyone is prettier than me.  If I refused to be friends with all women who are better looking than me I’d only ever be hanging around with trolls or Samantha Brick.  (Oops I promised myself I wouldn’t go there.  Oh well, too late now.  Meow meow, I’m just jealous).

But this old chestnut comes up all the time, even though I don’t actively hate anyone – who could be bothered expending that kind of energy?  But if I do express ambivalence for someone and they are in the 98th percentile of women who are better looking than me, then surely the ONLY reason could be that I’m jealous, right?

This despite the fact that I can point to empirical evidence that I have gorgeous women friends.

Grrrr… anyway, just had to vent.  Will update on my dating adventures soon.

x Patty


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  1. Oh I totally get her dilemma. It does get me down when people start hatin’ on me because of my fabulousness. I used to think they were avoiding me because, well I was a bit weird, but now that I’m older I am wiser and know that it’s because I’m insanely good looking and witty and clever…or it could be because I always have lollies. People like lollies.

  2. Okay, I have to admit, I think Samantha Brick is a hoax. The more I read her stuff, the more I don’t believe such a person exists. And its telling that several of her posts have been a little after April 1 in past years.

    But for some reason it really does frustrate me when I’m accused of being jealous of another woman’s beauty when nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes I can be envious in an admiring way, which is a completely different thing.

  3. Patty, I thought it was a late April Fool, when I saw that it was going to be discussed on a radio programme that I listen to (it has a facebook page as well and we get heated on there occasionally), so I read the offending article. My thoughts (for what they are worth) were that she is a narcissist, self obsessed/absorbed/centred, shallow and thus not really the sort of person ANYONE would really like. And re my last post, some offbeat things to think about; whatever interest you have, maybe there is a club/volunteer group/activity you could go to, you never know who is coming round the corner and as my mum says to me “For every pot, there is a lid”. (I am going to bo 41 fairly soon and have never been married).

  4. I hadn’t heard anything about this Samantha Black person until today, when I came to your blog. I have to say that my immediate response when I saw the title and the first picture was, “But, you’re not even that attractive…” I guess that is a catty response, but when the premise of your entire article is how unfair it is that people treat you like poo because you are an attractive woman, I think people are allowed to judge you attractiveness to determine the validity of your claims…

    But the most frustrating part of the entire article was when she basically says that if you are a woman reading this you probably don’t like me and it’s because I’m beautiful. Sorry, no. You can’t make a snap judgment about why I don’t like you, especially when your article has given me so many unlikeable options to choose from!

    • Hello Rachel, yes, that was my first response to. Even if I didn’t know a thing about her or what she is complaining about, I’d still think she’s nothing to write home about on her looks alone. But she’s also very wrong in my opinion too. I’ve had some extraordinarily good looking friends who have just made mens’ jaws drop whenever they enter the room. But because I’ve either worked with these women or somehow become better acquainted with them, I’ve actually gone out of my way to befriend them (not the opposite) because I see how much prejudice they encounter (and I want to contravene it). They’ve turned out to be very lovely friends whom I would be more than happy to have around my male group. I would invite them out, not out of fear of threat to my looks (I’d never stack up) but because both they and I were secure enough in ourselves to know that external appearances didn’t decide the friendship. I liked them because of who they were – not how they looked. Even though they were 100% stunners. That didn’t bother me. So it’s odd that S. Brick above, seems to be having these problems…

  5. She’s set herself up quite nicely though in her argument, don’t you think?
    “All these women hate me because they are jealous that I am so amazingly beautiful and attract the attention of so many men!”
    “Um no, we just happen to think that you’re a bit up yourself.”
    “See, see, THEY DO HATE ME! What more proof is there than the fact they don’t like me? It’s got nothing to do with the fact that I might be a condescending cow when speaking to anyone who I deem uglier/slower/stupider than me – it’s obviously about my stunning looks DAMMIT!”
    How can you argue with logic like that (and I also thought that the bridesmaid argument was a corker too!)?

  6. Good points – I also read the article a few days ago, and I clicked on the link expecting to see someone in the league of Cindy Crawford, Elle, Heide et al…….but um. No. Just a rather plain looking person who obviously suffers from some massive delusions about her own image. I guess body dis morphia can go both ways. Power to her though – she has absolved herself of any reality regarding her own flaws for the rest of her life……….cos any negativity is just because she’s beautiful. That must be a pretty place to live….nothing will ever be her fault. No one else will ever have a valid point ………she can just be right, perfect and beautiful for the rest of her life. Go her.

    • With all due respect, does a woman have to look like Cindy or Elle to believe that she is beautiful?

      Yes, she is a bit delusional but that is better than having low self-esteem. I believe people are angry because this woman dares to call herself beautiful in a world where women are expected to be self-deprecating and modest. That seems to be the socially accepted narrative.

      Personally, I don’t find her beautiful but I won’t bash her looks or assume that her experiences aren’t real. Maybe some women really are jealous of her.

  7. I assumed it was an April Fool joke or some social experiment. She is an attractive woman but not unusually so.

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