Monthly Archives: June 2016

Is anyone still out there?


Oh I know I know, it has been LITERALLY YEARS since I posted so I’m totally sure that nobody is going to see this. But maybe I will pop up in somebody’s inbox and they will remember me?

If you are still out there send me a hoy. Because guess what?


Well, when I say I wrote it, it is finished but not finished if you know what I mean. It needs a good hard edit.

Now before you ask, no it’s not about me and my dating (mis)adventures. Although the heroine isĀ exactly like me. Except younger. And slimmer. And cooler. And prettier. And much more adventurous. And a reality TV star. But other than that, she’s EXACTLY like me!

If there’s anyone who used to comment and care, please comment and care again because I need your help. I’ve never written a book before and I’m going to publish it on Amazon, but I want your input.

I’m going to crowd-source my pen name. Should I be Patty something? Patricia something (so I’m all sophisticated-sounding)

And I will also be asking for input and ideas on covers.

Of course, any of the old crew who respond and get involved will get freebies!

Ciao for now

Love Patty