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Samantha Brick, I’m not jealous. Honest


A little break from my dating adventures, I want to talk about Samantha Brick.

Samantha Brick is the woman who complained women hate her only because she’s beautiful in an online column.

Much as I’d love to ridicule the article and Samantha herself, it seems the rest of the interweb has beaten me to it, so I won’t.

What I want to say is I hate it when  I don’t feel particularly enamoured of someone for perfectly legitimate reasons – and I imagine, judging from her post there are plenty of said legitimate reasons I would not particularly want to hang around Samantha – and that person, or even other people, tell me I’m just jealous because she’s prettier than me.

Aaargh!  Nearly everyone is prettier than me.  If I refused to be friends with all women who are better looking than me I’d only ever be hanging around with trolls or Samantha Brick.  (Oops I promised myself I wouldn’t go there.  Oh well, too late now.  Meow meow, I’m just jealous).

But this old chestnut comes up all the time, even though I don’t actively hate anyone – who could be bothered expending that kind of energy?  But if I do express ambivalence for someone and they are in the 98th percentile of women who are better looking than me, then surely the ONLY reason could be that I’m jealous, right?

This despite the fact that I can point to empirical evidence that I have gorgeous women friends.

Grrrr… anyway, just had to vent.  Will update on my dating adventures soon.

x Patty